JT2 Purple Progress Report

I have finally had some time to work on the Just Takes 2 project.  I had been going great guns at first but then came across a few blocks that were real doozies.  The biggest challenge for this fledgling hand appliqúer has been block 27.  But I finished it yesterday.  Block 28 went together in just a few minutes.  Here they are side by side:

Whenever I look at this hand appliqued block I will think of PBS series Downton Abbey.

Strange, I know.  But I watched all of season one while working on this block.  I had to see what all the fuss was about.  Thoroughly enjoyed the show and will try to watch season two while working on the next JT2 hand appliqued block (block 34).  Who knows, maybe every time I applique I’ll start speaking with a British accent or wear funny hats and drink tea :-).

Once blocks 27 and 28 were complete I could put all of Section A together:

This is one quarter the size of what the finished quilt will be!  This has definitely been a fun but challenging quilt to work on.  The finished product will be a real treat!

Oh, the dogs know the word “treat”! I better go find the Pupperonies :-).

Take care, y’all!

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7 thoughts on “JT2 Purple Progress Report

  1. I just found the Just Takes 2 quilt project yesterday and then the Flickr group. My daughter has been wanting to do a sampler quilt together with me and this is the one we’ve decided on. I’m enjoying seeing the work folks have been doing….and the different colors chosen.
    You did a great job on that applique. It’s definitely a challenging piece!

  2. Great work with that applique, it wasn’t easy was it. Good to have something decent to “watch” while hand sewing. Your first section looks fabulous, loving the purple

  3. Your purple and white (go TCU) JT2 blocks look fabulous!!!!!! I loved the Downton Abbey series which I watched weekly on PBS. Looking forward to Season 3. Also, I just ordered a DVD of From Time to Time. Another Maggie Smith movie set in the mid-1940s England. Heard about it on one of my quilting Yahoo groups – maybe Repro Fabrics. Anyway, looking forward to seeing this film.

  4. Incredible work, Barbara. I’m so very proud and fortunate to be your brother. And Jamy and I can’t wait to move to your neck of the woods.

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