Dove in the Window – June BOM

Carol Doak’s Block of the Month for June is one of my favorite blocks:  Dove in the Window. We have several mourning doves that visit our backyard.  I love the cooing calls they make and how funny and clumsily they try to land on the bird feeder; spilling more seed than they eat.  Here is my Dove in the Window:

Working on the block was just pure pleasure – like eating chocolate!  I love the fabric. I love the pattern and how easily it went together. I love how in a matter of a couple of hours, I’m all caught up on this project!

I’ve grown so enamored with  paper piecing that I’m ready to start on… Desert Sky by Judy Neimeyer.

I bought this pattern last fall and found most of the Batiks at the Houston Quilt Show.  I kept thinking that as soon as I caught up with all the baby quilts, Civil War quilt (at the quilters), Just Takes 2 project, BOMs, quilt guild cookbook (yes, I am chairperson of that little project) and have organized all my fabric (LOL), that I would start on the Desert Sky quilt.  Well, phooey, I’ll never catch up so I might as well work on it anyway!  Right?!

Later, y’all!

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6 thoughts on “Dove in the Window – June BOM

  1. I love Desert Sky, that’s going to be absolutely gorgeous! And CD’s mystery quilt is going to be so pretty, I really love your soft colors. You are getting lots of sewing done, that’s great, Barbara!!

  2. I love the Dove in the Window block — especially the fabric. Beautiful job. Batiks are my favorite quilts..I can’t wait to see Desert Sky. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. Such pretty fabrics in your dove block! Can’t wait to see your first Desert Sky block. You WILL show us, right?! 😉

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