Purple for Pops!

First, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and grandfathers out there! We have a big get together planned for later today with pot roast, potatoes, squash and strawberry shortcake cake from Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook – yum yum!

I have had a little time over the last few days to finish up on Unit 9 of Just Takes 2.  Since Unit 12 was released on Friday – I don’t seem to be gaining any ground in catching up!  Oh well! The hand appliqued block in the center took me days and days to make while the other two blocks were completed in a matter of a few hours.  That hand applique block sure is pretty though!  Worth the time and effort.

Block 33 on the right is called Dove at the Window – as opposed to the Carol Doak BOM Dove in the Window:

That one little preposition makes a big difference!

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2 thoughts on “Purple for Pops!

  1. You sure are becoming the applique expert in record time! Great looking blocks…and I didn’t even see any traces of strawberry shortcake on them!

  2. I love watching you work on your JT2 BOM. Everyone I was following that was working on it has quit!

    I am missing this set of blocks. All of my grandchildren’s birthdays (ages 1, 1 and 3) are in May. I was so distracted that I missed pulling the blocks off! I didn’t even realize it until I looked at my chart in June. Darn! I have 51 blocks done, however! I love the applique, I do NOT like hand piecing one little bit, grin.

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