Kitchen Quilt Hanger

Yesterday I blogged about my Fourth of July table runner and wall hanging in my kitchen.  One of the comments I received was from Quilting Bear Gal asking about the quilt hanger holding the quilt below:

Since I wanted to blog about the quilt hanger at some point, this seemed a good opportunity to answer her question and share with y’all too.

I got the quilt hanger at the Houston International Quilt Festival last year.  The vendor was Hidden Talents ( and they had a wide variety of hangers.  I was looking for something that was not specific to a season (i.e., Christmas or Valentine related) and that fit between the two windows in my kitchen.  Of course, I didn’t measure the space before I left so just had to make a good guess. I also wanted to be able to hang quilts of various widths. For a more narrow quilt, I leave the wooden knobs on:

And for quilts a bit wider (like the Fourth of July quilt), I can remove the knobs.  It looks good both ways.

Many thanks to Quilting Bear Gal (a fellow blogger, quilter and North Texan!)


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