Just What I Needed – Just Takes 2 and Pie

Life can through you a nasty curve ball now and then.  We recently and suddenly lost a beloved member of the guild and a member of my bee.  We are all very shocked and saddened.  But knowing her, she would want us to take a deep breath, pick up a needle, sew a little and maybe bake a pie.  And that is just what I’ve done this afternoon.

I finished up on Unit 10 of the Just Takes 2 project:

The paper pieced blocks took a few hours, the applique block took weeks!  Ah, but the next few units have only a tiny bit of applique, so I should be able to breeze through them rather quickly.

And I baked a pie! This is the season for Parker County Peaches and we bought a big box of them last weekend.  I made 32 jars of peach jam, two batches of peach crisp, ate numerous juicy peaches standing over the kitchen sink and still had some VERY ripe peaches to use.  So I found Simple Peach Pie recipe on Food.com and it is cooling on the counter right now.

Smells wonderful!

So, when life throws you a curve ball – look to those simple pleasures to bring you peace.  As the saying goes “stop and smell the roses”.

Love and hugs to all y’all!

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7 thoughts on “Just What I Needed – Just Takes 2 and Pie

  1. great blocks and beautiful applique. The peach pie looks yummy, must bookmark it and wait for summer “down under”. Sorry for the loss in your community of quilters, a sad time for you all. My group is in the midst of coping with terminal illness in one of our group and serious illness in 2 others and we are only a small group of 15,

  2. Ah, I also went home after the memorial service and did a little sewing…seemed like a good way to reflect. Didn’t make a pie, but that seems like a good thing to do, too! Think I’ll go eat a peach. 😉

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