The Elusive Moose

Alaska is all about the MOOSE!  Everywhere you go there is an image of a moose portrayed in one fashion or another.  I was really looking forward to seeing a real live moose!  These are BIG animals, not something easily overlooked, right?

From our first stop in Ketchinkan I saw this cute magnetic notepad:

This was a sign of things to come!  On the glass-domed train from Whittier to Mt. McKinley we were told to watch for moose in the flat areas alongside the train tracks, but this little purple pin is the only moose we encountered:

In Talkeetna, which is the town the tv show Northern Exposure was based on, we expected moose loping down the street.  I mean, the opening credits to the show starred Morty the moose!  But alas, this is the only Talkeetna moose around:

Even the Princess Lodges in Mt. McKinley and Denali featured moose decor!

We kept watching, hoping to spot a moose from the tour bus.  We did spot a moose on a bus:

Surely in Denali, on our 8 hour Tundra Wilderness Tour, we’d see moose!  But nope, not yet!  In Fairbanks we saw real evidence that moose had once lived there.  How about this cool “post office” with its sod roof, adorned with wild flowers and moose antlers:

And in downtown Fairbanks we saw the Antler Arch:

Yes, that’s me, pretending to be a moose.  Finally, we did see this real “stuffed” moose:

But we never did see a real LIVE moose!  So that’s the story of the Elusive Moose.

Next post will be all about the real live wildlife we actually did see!  😉

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2 thoughts on “The Elusive Moose

  1. Barbara, when Barb and Pam and I went for the Iditarod (it was March), there were moose everywhere…so I’m thinking they must hibernate in the summer!! Love your pics!!! xo

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