Carol Doak’s October Mystery BOM

Carol Doak has a wonderful Mystery Block of the Month on her Yahoo Group web site.  The October block is called Posey Ring and it was “easy peasy” to put together this afternoon while I watched Ellen.  (Doesn’t Ellen say silly things like “easy peasy”?)

Here’s my “easy peasy” Posey Ring: 😉

I can’t believe we are six months into this project already!  A very enjoyable, low pressure project and I’ll have a scrumptious blue and cream quilt when it’s done!  Many thanks to Carol Doak and if you are interested, you can still join the Mystery BOM fun – all the information for previous months is still available.  Just join the Carol Doak Quilting Yahoo Group and look under Files, Block Designs for our Group, 2012 Mystery BOM.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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One thought on “Carol Doak’s October Mystery BOM

  1. I love your fabrics so much and you are sooo right. That will be a beautiful quilt when finished. I’m enjoying these blocks too and Carols patterns really are nice. Once I started working on them it makes me want to try to paper-piece everything. lol

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