Retreat Day 2 – Friends, Quilts and Faith

After day 2 of our quilt retreat at the Compass Centre in Mt Calm, the design walls are filling up, close friends are even closer and Faith (times 2) has appeared.

Early on, Sally, Suz and Melissa chat it up.  Notice the bare design walls!

Here Suz puts a doo-rag on Pam’s newly buzzed head.

Suz finished chemo last week so Pam shaved her head.  She wants them to grow their hair back together!  What a friend!!!  They had lots of fun with wigs!

Suz has had tender tootsies from meds so cute, comfy moose slippers appeared:

Lots of fun and laughter, love and friendship!  And some sewing too!  Linda’s been working on her double nine patch:

Sue has been working on a Christmas quilt:

And Kay’s sun has appeared on the eastern design wall:

There is many more project in various stages that have hit the walls and been taken down again before I could take pictures.  I will be more diligent in the future!

I have been working all day on two Faith wall hangings I am making for some women from my church who are going to be ordained this Saturday. Here are they are with the Grandmother’s Choice block (see Grandmother Goes on Retreat) in between.  They are machine appliqued:

They have now been quilted and the binding attached (but not yet hand stitched to the back).  Here is Faith:

I still need to make some labels and hand stitch the binding but am ready to move on to something different.  Maybe Just Takes 2.  Or maybe my Christmas quilt!

Stay tuned!

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One thought on “Retreat Day 2 – Friends, Quilts and Faith

  1. What great blogs from Mt. Calm!!! The quilts are looking fabulous, but my favorite thing is Suz and Pam–awesome!!! Love and miss you all, xoxo

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