Civil War Quilt Block – Week 28 Next Door Neighbor Block

I have been following the Civil War Quilt Block of the Week on Barbara Brackman’s blog.  This week’s block is called Next Door Neighbor.  In the blog it is suggested that “the more fabrics … the better.”  I took that too heart but am not entirely happy with the results.  Way too busy for my taste and I messed up some of the points.  Here is my wild and crazy Next Door Neighbor:

This may be a do-over but before I do that I have a list of other sewing projects this weekend:

  • Finishing up Grandpa Joe’s 90th Birthday Bowtie quilt and get it in the mail.
  • Make bunches and bunches of Aunt Grace 4 patch blocks for a guild project – due Friday at guild meeting.
  • Make grandson Mikey a superman cape – we will see him next weekend and his current passion is superman so I think he needs a cape.

So, if I can get all that done, I may make a nicer Next Door Neighbor.  First, though, I will check out the Civil War Quilt Flickr group to get some ideas.

Have a great Saturday!

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