JSS Quilt Retreat Winds Down

Today was the last day of our wonderful retreat.  We are full of food, our bags are full of finished (or at least started) projects and we are full of plans for the next retreat!

Thanks to Lani’s dad, Jerry, we had an excellent photographer for a group photo shoot:

Considering the fact that we’ve had 2 hours of sleep in the last four days, I think we look fabulous!

The design walls were busy today!  Barb finished her hand pieced baby quilt:

How cute is that?!

Newbie Vicky finished her very first quilt ever – a large T-Shirt quilt:

Cindy’s beautiful finished quilt top appeared on the wall briefly:

And Suz worked on an Art Quilt!  Now that is a phenomenon!

I finished up the labels and binding for my two Faith quilts:At one point this afternoon I caught a glimpse of these beautiful horses running out in the field next to Compass Centre.  By the time I got my camera and ran outside they had found their destination – dinner!

Now we just need to pack up and catch some sleep before we ride off into the sunrise tomorrow morning (ok, not that early, but it sounded good).

Have a great day, y’all!

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