Heading to Houston!

I am heading to the Houston International Quilt Festival for the weekend! Trying to decide what to pack and all I really think I need are good walking shoes, lots of money and my camera!  I am going with a friend who has never been.  I’m sure she will be absolutely amazed.

I will try to post Monday with pictures of winners, favorites, purchases and more!

It has been beautiful here in North Texas the last few days, so I’ve sat out on the patio and worked on the embroidery and hand applique for Block 2 of the Postcard Cuties For Winter:

Have a great weekend, y’all!  Maybe I’ll see you in Houston!!!

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5 thoughts on “Heading to Houston!

  1. Have a wonderful time at Houston. I am there with all the quilters in thought this year, as I couldn’t make it myself. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I think you had better put in some jeans and tee shirts too.. and your toothbrush. Have a ball can’t wait for the photo’s

  3. Have a GRAND time! What FUN to take a newby!!!! Seeing Houston thru her eyes will make for some photo-moments! Looking forward to your review since I am not traveling there this year.

  4. What an adorable postcard cutie! Great job on the patio embroidery! Have fun in Houston, and make sure Lenelda buys a ton of stuff. 😉

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