Grandma’s Breeches

Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week was quite a challenge this week!  Barbara Brackman’s blog treats us each week to a new block and a bit of history recounting the quest for women’s rights.  This week the topic is Dress Reform.  My goodness we’ve come a long way!  And this is one grateful, blue jean clad grandma!!!

The block this week is called Little Boy Breeches:

Now, how many Y seams do you see?  LOTS!  I hand pieced this puppy and still had to frog stitch (rippit, rippit) a few seams as the “pant legs” were easy to turn the wrong way. But I was reassured that others in the Grandmother’s Choice Flickr Group had the problems.  That’s one of the benefits of this group – we share tips, tricks, troubles and lots of tremendous blocks each week.  A wonderful online community.

Have a great Thanksgiving week, y’all!

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One thought on “Grandma’s Breeches

  1. LOVE THIS! I y-seamed away on the corners and got cocky! The ‘joining’ did NOT work out well…the good thing was I posted and several people told me I probably twisted the pieces! It IS a great group and I am trying things I would normally shy away from. You did GREAT.

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