Bee Brown Bag Challenge

I have two projects that I’ve been working on for quite some time that I just couldn’t show you since they were secret bee challenges.  But I can now since last week we had the big reveal at the Christmas Party.  Since there are lots of details and lots of pictures I’ll reveal one challenge today and one tomorrow.  🙂

Brown Bag Challenge

With the Brown Bag Challenge everyone brings a yard or so of fabric in a brown paper bag to the January bee.  The bags get put in a big basket and you pick one up as you leave.  You really shouldn’t get your own bag but one gal did – so she just went ahead and made a quilt with her own fabric.  Then during the year you make a quilt top using the fabric and your own imagination.  At the Christmas party you get your quilt top made from the fabric you brought the previous year.

The fabric I brought home is this:

african fabricYikes!  This was a challenge!  It took me months to come up with the idea of fussy cutting some of the animals for the centers of paper pieced twisted log cabin blocks (I used EQ6 for the block pattern).  I also added the fabric to the outside border.  Here is the end result – a quilt appropriately named Driving Me Madagascar:

Here is a close up:

And here is the recipient at the Christmas party – Madeline:

The fabric I brought in my brown bag last January was:

my-brown-bag-fabricAnd the quilt top I received, coincidentally from Madeline, is this beautiful Window Pane Quilt:

Window-Pane-QuiltI love the three-dimensional look.  It was purely by chance that we got each other’s brown bags but I think we were both pretty lucky!

Come back tomorrow to learn all about the Same Fabric Challenge!

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