Happy Valentine’s Day and a NEW Mystery Project!

I picked up this pretty little candle mat kit at the Heart of Texas One Stop Shop Hop a couple of weeks ago.  It’s just a quick little project I could whip up just in the nick of time to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy-Valentine's-DayI hope your day is filled with love and laughter!

I’ve been busy gathering fabrics for the Case of the Secret Garden Mystery Quilt. Don’t you just love a mystery?

This is an Inklingo mystery – I’ve never used Inklingo before but my friend Barb is an experienced Inklingo-ist. With Inklingo you print fine lines on the back of your fabric for cutting and stitching.

I’ve got most of my fabric chosen but I’m debating over a stripe for my accent fabric or a lighter color paisley:


light-paisley-as-accentSo, what do you think?  Stripe or paisley?  (Oh, and that butterfly fabric is the same – just photos taken in different lighting.)

So, all my fabric is washed and my freezer paper is cut to the sizes in Clue 1.  Now I’m on to Clue 2 and have printed test samples.  The first few went ok (some a bit crooked) but the last, light colored paisley jammed the printer several times.  Finally got a sample:

Printing-TestsAs soon as I decide on stripe or paisley, I need to move on to printing the shapes from the New York Wheel Shape Collection on the fabric.  After my recent jam session with the light paisley I’m going to peruse all the wonderful tips and tricks on the Inklingo web site before proceeding.  I’ll keep you posted!

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One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day and a NEW Mystery Project!

  1. Yeah, Cookie! So how’s the printing coming? Did you do any more? I have some hints I can share…. feel free to email me or call! I hardly ever have a jam any more. You just have to try a few different things with your printer. The clues for the mystery have been so fun. Be sure to watch Linda’s video today about cutting curves with a rotary cutter. Can’t wait to start sewing!

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