By the Numbers

Five hundred and ninety two

That’s the number of shapes I’ve cut out by hand this week for Clue 2 in the Case of the Secret Garden Mystery Quilt.  This mystery quilt uses Inklingo to print the shapes on the back of your fabric – no templates, no paper piecing.  The printing went fine – only messed up bit and then the cutting began. I chose not to rotary cut as I’d already wasted a bit of fabric messing up my printing and I was afraid I’d whack up a bit more with the rotary cutter.  So snip snip snip while I watched TV the last few nights.

592-shapesI’m keeping them organized in envelopes with the fabric and shape size indicated.

As I worked, I kept thinking that the title Secret Garden really rang a bell.  Maybe it was an old Nancy Drew mystery.  So I finally googled it (of course) and remembered a children’s book of my mother’s called The Secret Garden (by Frances Hodgsen Burnett, 1911).

Clue-2-Cut-Up Now, I no longer have that book (although I do have many of her cherished children’s books like original Wizard of Oz books) but I did find a copy in the local library.  A quick read as soon as I finish up with The Case of the Secret Garden Clue 3 (we finally get to sew, and print and cut even more!).

Twenty Five

We are on week 25 in the Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week.  The block this week is called The Carrie Nation Quilt and Barbara Brackman gives us a historical peak at Carrie Nation and her escapades.  Here is my Carrie Nation Quilt block”



I finished block 11 of the Postcard Cuties For Winter quilt – only one more to go!


Seven Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Two

That’s how much it costs when your diesel truck gets contaminated fuel – thank goodness it is covered by insurance!  We would hate to loseClifford, the Big Red Truck”! Clifford-the-big-red-truck

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2 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. Love the numbers, Cookie! And you did great with all that cutting of the little Inklingo pieces. I’m impressed! Can’t wait to see how this all comes together. By the way, I DO have that book, The Secret Garden, on my bookshelf. With a set of old classic books. Maybe I should pull it out and read along! We can have a mystery quilt/book club!

  2. What fun with numbers! Love the name of the big red truck. I don’t remember the secret garden, but I do remember Clifford! 😉 BTW, you are putting me to SHAME with your handywork…but I love seeing it, anyway! Keep it up!

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