Let It Bee

Last Thursday was JSS Bee Day and I really had a wonderful time!  We were hosted by the gracious and ever vivacious Kay and her two wonder dogs – Dallas and Bailey.  Here is Kay and Bailey – I don’t think she can pick up Dallas since he probably outweighs her by kazillion pounds.

Kay-with-Bailey-the-DogThank you, Kay, for hostessing!  Your home is beautiful and I particularly like the new addition to the dining room – the 2012 brown bag masterpiece made for you by Jules:

Brown-Bag-MasterpieceWe started off with some chat and chow!  Sue and Karen chat with the Mom’s:

Sue-and-Karen-with-the-MomsLynn, Cindy and Kay chat and nibble:

Lynn,-Cindy-and-Kay-chat-anAnd Suz breaks into a box of cookies – including some very powdery sugary ones – I know because I ended up with a tell tale trail of powder sugar down my front!

Suz-with-a-box-of-treatsSoon we gathered to talk about the Block Exchange.  Suz, Sally and Lynda gave their forms a final once over:

Suz,-Sally-and-Lynda-reviewAnd Judy had a few more past block exchanges to share.  This one was a patriotic Christmas Star block exchange:

Judy-shows-block-exchange-fI really liked this block – but them I’m kind of into snowmen right now:

patriotic-snowmanJudy also showed her JSS bag which has been blinged up with fringe and a golden thimble.  Judy's-golden-thimbleSomething about how this golden thimble was related to a past block exchange – Barb’s name was mentioned and the sad fact that you shouldn’t iron gold lame fabric.  Maybe the JSS’ers can comment with more detail…

Peggy had this pretty Line Dancing quilt for show and tell.  She made it for a Kansas City girlfriend who teaches line dancing.  I’m sure she will love it!

Peggy's-Red,-White-and-BlueThe time came for the Block Exchanges forms to be collected and Judy, Peggy and Jules ascended into Kay’s Mike’s man cave to work through the sorting and dividing.  Apparently, what happens up in the man cave stays in the man cave – just sayin’..

Meanwhile we actually had some stitching going on!  Sue was working away on her Tumbling Blocks – Lynda and Sally wanted a closer look:

Lynda-and-Sally-inspect-SueAnd then, of course, we all had to see:

Sue's-Tumbling-Block-One-WaIt was interesting how different the three dimensional block appears when the quilt is held one way and then the other:

Sue's-Tumbling-Block-the-otNancy was also working on binding these cute little penguins:

Nancy's-PenguinsNancy – they have no eyes and you have no face!

Nancy-and-her-penguinsThat’s better.  Nancy also showed us the contents of her “to go” bag – what she takes to work on while waiting on kids and their activities.  A pretty welcome quilt – watch out Nancy, I think Lynda has her eye on that one!

Nancy's-Welcome-QuiltAnd these blinged up houses:

Nancy's-Super-Cute-HousesWe paused the show and tell to grab some lunch even though the Block Exchange workers were still hard at it up in the man cave.  What were they doing up there anyways!  We were getting hungry!

After a wonderful butternut squash soup, lots of yummy salads, some to-die-for guacamole and the best peppermint brownies ever, we were no longer peckish and ready for more show and tell.  Our own Homecoming Queen Lynn had two fabulous show and tells – this cute watermelon quilt and her super cute hair cut!

Lynn's-Cute-Watermelon-and-Karen showed us this bright and happy quilt:

Karen's-Bright-&-Happy-ShowThe pieced back makes it twice as bright and happy and reversible too:

The-back-of-Karen's-Bright-Judy, Peggy and Jules finally joined us and distributed the block exchange bags.  We all took a minute to look through the block exchange forms we received.  There may have been a bit of trading here and there but everyone was excited to see what they’d be making and for whom.

Many of us spent some good quality time talking – a little bee therapy session.  Many words of wisdom were shared and it was a special time.  It reminded me of the Beatles song “Let It Be.”

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

And that was JSS Bee day!  Have a great week y’all!

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2 thoughts on “Let It Bee

  1. Barbara,
    Thanks so much for the review. We missed all the show and tell while we were up in the man cave! We almost missed lunch but the leftovers were delicious, as always. And the ‘words of wisdom’ therapy session was an added bonus. Your Beatles Let it Be very appropriate! Always a w fearful day with friends. Thanks again and to Kay for hostessing.

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