Growing to Love the Garden

I’ve been slowly but surely making progress on the Case of the Secret Garden Inklingo project.  Today I finished up Clue 4!

Clue-4-PiecingHere are a couple close-ups so you can getting a better view of my fabrics:

Clue-4-close-up-1Clue-4-close-up-2And I’m actually starting to love this project…  At first, I found printing on my fabric to be frustrating but my last print session went smoothly (as opposed to wrinkly, smudgy and messy).  I also found all the hand sewing of units with many starts and stops to be slow and, quite frankly, boring.  But a couple of good movies solved that issue.  Now my only aggravation is that I’m about 2 weeks behind.  Linda Franz (and her sidekick Monkey) gave us Clue 5 about 2 weeks ago, Clue 6 last week and Clue 7 is probably coming out tomorrow.  I want to play along as the clues are released but so far, with this project, it just isn’t happening!

Tomorrow I’m off to Dallas Blooms!  I’ll try to bring back some pictures for y’all!

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4 thoughts on “Growing to Love the Garden

  1. Lookin good, I’m just about finished #6, but I think I might have missed some printing from 4 or 5!! LOL..I know I’ll need more quarter circles and corners!!!
    Can’t wait to see them all finished!!!

  2. Love it Cookie! And you are ahead of me. And I feel like I’ve been stitching my fingers off! Can’t even come up for air to write a blog with pics of mine. Maybe one of these days…..

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