Grandpa Joe’s Bow Tie Quilt

Grandpa Joe will turn 90 on Saturday.  Here he is with my son Joe in May when we made the trek up to Connecticut for a visit.

Isn’t he cute?  Don’t you just love the eyebrows?  As you can see, when he dresses up he always wears a bow tie.  This picture gave me the inspiration to make him a Bow Tie quilt for his birthday.

The quilt is very scrappy.  Many of the fabrics were used in other projects, like baby quilts, my son’s graduation quilt, wall hangings, etc.  There are also fabrics from my late husband’s tropical Hawaiian shirts (Grandpa Joe’s son).  I felt like this would make it extra-special to him.

The quilt is approximately 50″ by 50″ – a lap quilt.  I wanted it to keep him warm in the cold Northeastern winters so I backed it in Minky:

The Bow Tie blocks were very easy to make.

For an 8″ block

  • From the bow tie fabric, cut two 4.5″ squares and two 2.5″ squares.
  • From the background fabric, cut two 4.5″ squares.

On the 2.5″ squares, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the reverse side.

Place it on one corner of the background square (right sides together).  Stitch along the diagonal line.

Trim the fabric 1/4″ away from the seamline.  Press open toward the bow tie fabric.

Repeat with the other 2.5″ bow tie square and 4.5″ background square.

Arrange the pieces as shown above.  Sew each row together.

Press toward the 4.5″ bow tie fabric.  Then join the two rows together to form your bow tie block:

The block should measure 8.5″ square.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Joe!!!

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10 thoughts on “Grandpa Joe’s Bow Tie Quilt

  1. Beautiful work on the quilt. You seem to have done a particularly tidy job on the binding and I love your fabric choices for the bow ties. Grandpa Joe looks like a charmer 😉

    • Thanks! The binding was actually leftover from a previous quilt – I had to cut just a bit more fabric on the bias to make it long enough. And, yes, Grandpa Joe really is a charmer!

  2. Very cute, I use modified bow ties for dog quilts every once in a while, because they look like bones if you take the solid square and replace the top quarter with the backing fabric (hard to explain), but cool. 🙂

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  5. A beautifu job, Barbara. I think that I am going to have to start quilting I have so much fabric. Glen always said that I could work any place except a fabric store, I would bring some of all of it home. Fabric is my weakness and always has been.

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