Grandmother’s Choice X 3

I’ve actually been keeping up with the Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week over the last few weeks … I just haven’t kept up with blogging about them!  Each week Barbara Brackman gives us a new block and a bit of history related to the women’s suffrage movement.  Very interesting reads and some fun quilt blocks too!

Week 30 was Broad Arrow – representing the prison garb worn by suffragettes.  I had a choice of one big fat broad arrow or four smaller arrows.  I chose the smaller ones for more interest…30-Broad-ArrowWeek 31 was Tinted Chains – referring to a quote by Susan B. Anthony in 1872: “The fact is women are in chains and their servitude is all the more debasing because they do not realize it.”   Here is my Tinted Chains block:

31-Tinted-ChainsAnd today’s block for Week 32 is Mr. Roosevelt’s Necktie.  I figure Mr. Roosevelt was more of a polka dot and chevron guy than a fussy cut flower guy:

32-Mr-Roosevelt's NecktieBe sure to check out the Flickr Grandmother’s Choice group for some really awesome interpretations of these same blocks!

Have a GREAT weekend, y’all!

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