Attic Windows in My Kitchen

No, my kitchen is not in the attic.  But I recently completed an Attic Window wall hanging and table runner for the kitchen:

attic-windows-in-the-kitcheI did not actually make the wall hanging quilt top … my bee friend Madelyn made it and I was the lucky recipient during our bee brown bag exchange (see my Bee Brown Bag Challenge post for all the nitty gritty details).  I decided to make a table runner from a similar pattern with the left over fabric.

Over the last few days I finished up the quilting and binding.  Here are a few close-ups:

attic-window-table-runnerThe pattern that Madelyn used came Susan Cleveland’s book Marvelous Miters.This book is now on my wish list!

attic-window-wall-hangingVery three dimensional looking and bright and cheery too.  Thanks Madelyn!

Happy Monday y’all!

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