Case of the Secret Garden – Clue 5 Done

I’ve been slowly but surely working away at the Case of the Secret Garden Inklingo Mystery quilt for weeks (months? years???).  The final Clue 8  reveals what a truly awesome quilt this will be!  Well, I finished Clue 5 yesterday!  Woohoo!

So I had to play with the layout as revealed in Clue 8 even though I don’t have all the parts yet…

clue-5-completeHere’s a close up of some of the blocks:

clue-5-closeupSo now I’m on to Clue 6…

But… Linda Franz has a really neat new project that I’m am soooo tempted to start.  A “reverseperiwinkle-blog-badge” mystery featuring her Periwinkle Octagon Inklingo shape collection.  Believe it or not, I’ve actually dreamed about this project and choosing fabrics for it.

However, I’ve have a zillion projects right now and I need to control myself!  Maybe, when I finish the Case of the Secret Garden quilt, I can think (dream) about the Periwinkle quilt.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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8 thoughts on “Case of the Secret Garden – Clue 5 Done

  1. Cookie, your COTSG is going to be absolutely gorgeous! Your fabric choices are so beautiful – you will have a very elegant quilt!
    Of course you need to jump in on the Periwinkle quilt! It’s a quick stitch and oh, such fun to make those blocks!

  2. Cookie, your Fabric Choise is wonderfull! Very very nice and elegant!
    I Love it!

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