Building Barns, Bali Stars, Blooms and More in Mt. Calm

I came home from the JSS Quilt Retreat at Compass Centre about four days ago and I just now feel like I’m caught up on my sleep!  What fun we had!  I was so busy sewing, eating and laughing, I didn’t get much blogging done.  But now that I’m caught up on some zzzz’s, I can share some retreat moments.

The gals that participated in the Bali Star class made great progress – ok, it may have felt slow and tedious, but the results were tremendous!  Early on Peggy and Sarah show off their “melons”:

Peggy's-Bali-Star-Start Sarah's-Bali-Star-StartBut soon, these parts were put together:

Bali-Star's-Start-to-take-s Peggy's-Bali-Star-ProgressAnd eventually entire blocks adorned the design walls:

Bali-Star-BlocksI know these quilts will be simply beautiful! As the Bali Stars were being created other projects were also well underway.  Barb finished quilting this beautiful hand pieced baby quilt.

Barb's-Baby-QuiltAnd she worked on the blooming pansies for a bed runner for her mom:

Barb's-Periwinkle-Octagon-QSee the spot on perfect hand piecing?  Barb is using the Inklingo method with the Periwinkle Octagon shape collection.  Check it out … so pretty … so tempting!

As Barb built blooms, Suz built row houses:

Suz's-row-housesThe fabrics are simply to die for!  Cherrywood Hand Dyed fabrics.

And I built more barns with chickens to go with them:

Barn-Block-4 Barn-Block-3 Barn-Block-2Chicken-BlocksIt was all about the livestock out there in the countryside!  These will all go together as part of the Little Red Barns Quilt.

What would a retreat be without a little bit of “Getting Goofy” with funny hats and silly straws!  Tiaras for some…

Barb-in-her-tiara Cindy-sews-in-a-tiaraFunny hats and mustaches (or …uh… uni-brows) for others:

Suz-in-funny-hat-and-uni-brAdd in a very silly straw and a glass of wine to send us all over the edge into hysterical laughter!Pam-with-funny-straw-and-fu We certainly had a lot of fun!

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3 thoughts on “Building Barns, Bali Stars, Blooms and More in Mt. Calm

  1. Looks like a fun weekend. Those Bali stars are gorgeous!
    All of the sewing you shared looks great, but those Bali stars steal the show (for me). Thanks for sharing

  2. I just love the BARNS, what is the name of the pattern? I would love to make it.
    AND I am a Judy Niemeyers addict sewer also just love the projects.

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