Grandmother’s Choice Update

We are up to week 36 in Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice Block of the Week.  Each week we get a quilt block pattern and a bit of the history of the women’s rights movement.

Last week the block was Granny’s Choice and the history highlighted the women who were against female suffrage.  This was a fun and easy block but very dynamic and effective:

35-Granny's-ChoiceThis week the block was Sunbonnet Baby (I’ve always called this block Sunbonnet Sue).  The biography of the young Vera Brittain and her part in the suffrage movement was addressed.  My Sunbonnet Sue is truly a flower child complete with a butterfly tattoo:

36-Sunbonnet-BabyThe Grandmother’s Choice Flickr group is chock full of other interpretations of these blocks as well as awesome comments and encouragement!   Be sure to check them out!

The Sunbonnet Sue block brought to mind my Howdy wall hanging. I hang it in the kitchen occasionally – especially during the State Fair of Texas or the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.  Very Texas!


Have a GREAT week, y’all!


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