Catching Up with Grandma and Dixie

Today I’ve locked myself away in the quilting room (my own personal sequester) to catch up on Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice block of the week and her Dixie Diary block of the month.

First up is week 39 of Grandmother’s Choice – Endless Stairs.  An easy block highlighting rank and rights in society and politics.  In my Endless Stairs I tried to make them even more endless with a chevron print:

39-Endless-StairsWeek 40 is called Art Square.  In her blog Barbara tell us how historically women artists have found it very difficult to be taken seriously.  My Art Square:

40-Art-SquareWeek 41 is the Contrary Wife.  We’ve already had a Contrary Husband block, so a little equal time to contrariness was in order.  My Contrary Wife:

41-Contrary-WifeDixie Diary was a bit easier to catch up with – since it’s a block of the month – I was only one block behind.  Block 6 is called Dreams of Home.

DD6---Dreams-of-HomeSince the Dixie Diary block of the month is at the half way point, I thought it would be fun to throw all the blocks up on the design wall for a photo shoot:

DD-6-months-of-blocksI’m glad I’m going with all hearts. I’m sure I’ll set the blocks with sashing of some sort but at this point I’m very pleased with this little project!

OK, now I’m off to decide on what project to play with now.  🙂

Have a great day, y’all!



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