Retreat Spotlight: Karen’s Baby Quilt

The JSS Retreat continues on at Compass Centre.  Lots of stitching, lots of eating, lots of laughing and a little sleeping too!  Barb has been blogging today so be sure the check out the Just Sayin’ Sew blog for the latest.

Today, I wanted to spotlight a really neat technique that Karen is using to rescue some tattered baby blankets.  Karen’s friend Cheryl is a mom who hung on to her son’s treasured baby blankets (don’t all moms have a box or two of those special baby items).

Obviously these blankets were much loved:baby-blanket-1baby-blanket-2Now Cheryl is a grandmother and her friend Karen’s challenge is to incorporate these very special, very tattered blankets into a baby quilt.

In addition to baby blankets you will need paper (like newspaper), coordinating fabric squares for the quilt, basting spray and netting.

First Karen covered a table with paper (things will be getting sticky).  She placed some pretty fabric squares on the paper:

fabric-squaresA quick spray of basting spray:

basting-spraySpread the baby blanket over the fabric squares:

baste-baby-blanket-to-fabriAnother quick spray:

spray-and-layerAnd then layer netting over the top.  The netting will hold the tatters together with the fabric…

nettingPeel the whole mess off the paper and move to a cutting board to cut each block to the desired size:

cut-to-sizeThe result will be some amazing blocks:

blocks-for-quiltThe texture on these is wonderful!

more-blocks-for-quiltFor variety, Karen used some plain fabric squares in addition to the “baby blanketed” squares for this super cute baby quilt:

baby-quiltIsn’t that just the coolest way to reuse old baby blankets???

Now back to the sewing machine… Bear Paws are almost done and a Dr. Seuss quilt is calling my name!



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