JSS Bee Christmas Party (Part One)

A couple of weeks ago, on the eve of the Great Ice Storm of 2013 the JSS Bee had the most wonderful Christmas Party.  Judy was our most awesome hostess.  Hostess-JudyHer home is beautifully decorated; Christmas is everywhere!

AngelsWe chatted and visited and ate and laughed!


Judy had some wonderful surprises in store for the party.  Each of us received a slip of paper with some instructions and a name of another member of the bee.  We were to share our special thoughts about that person, how they inspired us; what was wonderful about them.  As the party continued with Show and Tell and the Block Exchange, we would each have a chance to say what is special about that person.  Thank you, Judy for giving us this opportunity!

I did not photograph all the sharing and I certainly wish I had recorded what was said as it was all quite beautiful, but here are a few.  Sue told us about the awesome LaLa.

JSS-Sharing---Sue-with-LaLaLynn shares all that is special about Jules (or was it the other way around? 🙂 ).

JSS-Sharing---Lynn-with-JulPhil (Judy’s sister) shared her thoughts about our wonderful Barb.

JSS-Sharing---Phil-with-BarAnd LaLa, quite prepared with notes and all, brought tears to Judy’s eyes (as well as a few others) with her special thoughts about her.

JSS-Sharing---LaLa-with-JudShow and Tell

We had a little bit of Show and Tell before the Block Exchange and it continued afterward.  Unfortunately, Old Man Winter was knocking on the door and I had to leave before I got to see all the wonderful quilts.

Cindy brought out this very bright and pretty quilt.

Show-and-Tell---CindyKaren brought lots and lots of quilts for our viewing pleasure.  This beauty:

Show-and-Tell-KarenSometimes the simplest patterns are the most striking!  Here is another one:

Show-and-Tell-Karen-2I love the paisley!

Show-and-Tell-Karen-3This, if I remember correctly (I’ve slept since then, so that’s questionable), is an older quilt from an exchange…

Show-and-Tell-Karen-4Here is a closeup of the center cross stitch:


Here is Sue’s quilt (although I think Dori tried to claim it accidentally 😉 ):

Show-and-tell-Sue-HAfter the Block Exchange, I caught a few before I had to hit the road.  Madelyn showed the African quilt I had pieced last year for her.  She quilted it herself with Minky on the back.

Show-and-Tell---MadelynSorry I cut your head off Madelyn!  And finally, last but not least, here is Suz’s beautiful Christmas Tree quilt.

Show-and-Tell---SuzJules is helping hold the quilt (and I bet they wish I had cut off their heads!).

Photo Session

During all the festivities, Judy’s daughter Sherri volunteered to take a group shot (with several of our cameras).  Here she is trading off cameras during the session.  Thanks Sherri!

Sherry-swaps-camera-for-JSSAnd here is our most wonderful group of women!

JSS-Christmas-2013Now, the Block Exchange was a very big party of our party.  There are a bazillion pictures to share so I will work on that and bring you them all in the next post!  Soon!  I promise!

Till then, take care y’all!

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