JSS Christmas Party – Block Exchange

The JSS Christmas Party was the culmination of our Block Exchange.  Way back last February we had a fabulous Bee Day at Kay’s house (Let It Bee) and the Block Exchange commenced.

The Block Exchange “rules” were proposed by Judy during the January Bee Day:  Ask for as many blocks as you are also willing to make.  So if I want 12 blocks back, I will need to make 12 blocks for others in the exchange.  And if life looks busy over the next year, you can request 3 blocks and only make 3 blocks!  We have forms to fill out for each block (if you want 12 blocks, fill it out 12 times) with information on size, theme, color, etc.  We can be as detailed as we want (or not) and we can include fabric (or not).

So … on with the show!  First up was Nancy.

Block-Exchange---NancyNancy’s block theme was Americana and she had a couple of different blocks requested.  She wisely used paint samples from the hardware store as color suggestions.  I would like to say that we are all sending special virtual hugs out to our very dear Nancy – we love you, girl!

Peggy was very smart!  She used a Block of the Month that she had purchased but never assembled.  Very wise use of a UFO!

Block-Exchange---PeggyTracey’s Block Exchange was teapots.  Aren’t they just simply gorgeous?  Can’t wait to see the quilt!

Block-Exchange---TraceyFrom teapots to flower pots – look at these cuties that Kay received.Block-Exchange---KayThese are so adorable I had to get a close-up:

Block-Exchange---Kay's-flowDori, who came to us all the way from …., uh, I’m not sure!  But from far, far away!  Anyways, Dori’s exchange included blocks (big blocks) and some long strips of sashing or borders.  This quilt is practically done!  And beautiful too!

Block-Exchange---DorryDon’t you just love Patti’s cute umbrellas?  Bright and cheerful for a rainy day!

Block-Exchange---PattyThe Block Exchange had quite a riveted audience.  Here Judy with her daughter Sherri and grandchildren enjoyed watching all the awesome blocks unfold.Judy-with-Sherry-and-GrandsBarb was next up with red and white blocks.  She has plans for a very pretty red and white table topper she can pull out for Christmas, Valentines or whenever the color red speaks to her 😉 .

Block-Exchange---BarbI’m afraid I didn’t get a very good picture of LaLa’s coffee cups, however you can spot a few of them behind Sue and LaLa when Sue shared her thoughts on the awesomeness of LaLa.  But I bet you a nickle, Barb, my fellow blogger will have a stunning picture of these blocks…

JSS-Sharing---Sue-with-LaLaAt some  point in time during the block exchange I received my blocks – the theme was Red or White or Pink or Cream Hearts – “Whatever your heart desires.”  Of course, I didn’t exactly get a picture of them during the party, so I got to play with the design a bit and snapped this picture today:

Block-Exchange---My-Heart-B Aren’t they wonderful!  Thank you all!!!

I love all these themes!  Sue had a basket theme – how fun are they?

Block-Exchange---Sue-HSuz was into spools made from Kaffe Fassett fabric. This should be a super cute wall hanging for her sewing room, don’t you think?

Block-Exchange---SuzPatty (with a y, not an i – or is it the other way around?) has black and white blocks.  We are all so glad the California Girls came!

Block-Exchange---PattiKaren has all these amazing batik maple leaf blocks!  These were big blocks – each is made up of 4 maple leafs. I love the variety of fabrics!  Good plan Karen!

Block-Exchange---KarenCindy’s choice for the Block Exchange was this very bright and pretty block.  This will be a stunning quilt!Block-Exchange---CindyMadelyn’s request was for dark blue and white

Block-Exchange---MadelynPam was into umbrellas like Patti.  Do you think they shared the pattern?  I think so!  Very cute idea!

Block-Exchange---PamI have no idea whose blocks these are.  Does anyone recognize the hand?  I shall call her the Mystery JSSer and she has these nine patch blocks with a wonderful purple (I love purple) tying them all together.

Block-Exchange---Mystery-WoOur sweet Sally was up next with Red and White blocks.  This will certainly make a stunning quilt.  And I just love the hat, Sally!

Block-Exchange---SallyJudy asked for Buttons and Bling on natural, neutral and tone-on-tones.  Each block is simply wonderful!  I think she is going to have a beautiful quilt!

Block-Exchange---JudyLast but not certainly not least, was Lynn’s crazy patch wool blocks.  The wool Lynn supplied was from skirts, jackets and other clothing worn long, long ago.  As she opened the blocks, she would make comments like “Oh, I remember this plaid, it was a skirt I wore in high school!”.  What a wonderful way to recycle! And what a fun and cozy quilt this will make!

Block-Exchange---LynnSo, that was the Great JSS Block Exchange of 2013.  We all had so much fun putting blocks together for each other, knowing who was going to receive each one.  This will be hard to top, but I wonder what we will have in store for 2014?

Merry Christmas, y’all!  Have a safe and happy holiday!

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3 thoughts on “JSS Christmas Party – Block Exchange

  1. Thanks so much Cookie, for posting. The pictures are great, the hand is mine, and the ‘unidentified blocks with purple’ belong to my good quilting friend, Diane in NC. Unfortunately she didn’t make it to the party and has been patiently waiting for the blogs about it. Her blocks will make an awesome quilt when finished and won’t it be fun to see what we each do with our own! Do you suppose we will have finished quilts by next Christmas………I’m not promising!

  2. Hugs back…love you ladies. What a fun day! I am so inspired by the creativity of everyone’s blocks. I look forward to seeing the finished quilts.

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