Which is Better? Starting or Finishing?

Which is better?  Starting a new project? Or finishing a project half done (PHD)?  This weekend I’ve done both!

True, my finished project was very small but it still counts!  Last August I took a workshop  through the Trinity Valley Quilters’ GuildAnnette Kennedy taught the class “From Photo, To Pattern, To Quilt“.  We learned how to take a photograph and turn it into a pattern and from there to make a quilt.  We learned the process by making a landscape quilt called “Rocky Mountain Sunrise“.  After the class my half finished quilt was moved around my sewing room from place to place, without every really getting worked on or getting put away.  So yesterday, while I watched figure skating, I reread my instructions and finished!

Landscape-Art-QuiltI do need to quilt it, but I’m happy to say the top is done!  And I think it turned out pretty awesome!

I’ve also started a new project.  Now this one is not small and will take longer, much longer than an afternoon of figure skating to finish but I’m very excited about it!  This is an album applique quilt called Honoring Emma (by Lori Smith www.frommyhearttoyourhands.com).

the-patternI bought the pattern and the fabric for the setting triangles and borders (plus binding and even backing) at a quilt shop in Weatherford that recently closed.  They had an amazing sale right before shutting their doors.

Background-fabric,-borders,My background fabric for the applique blocks is a hand dyed fabric from Liberty Homestead.  It feels wonderful!

background-fabricAnd my fabric for the applique is mostly hand dyes from Cherrywood but also some hand dyes from Liberty Homestead.  I may also use some of the fabric I hand dyed myself last summer (see Fabrics I’m Dyeing to Quilt).

Cherrywood-Hand-Dyed-FabricPicking out which fabrics to use was fun!  And then of course, I had to organize it all in it’s own project box:

project-boxI love these fabric boxes from the Container Store.  They come in three sizes – this is the medium size.  And now all my fabrics, pattern, applique accessories, etc. are all nicely tucked away.

organizedAnd I even started on the first block.  I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

So… which is better?  Honestly?  I love starting new projects.  I love selecting patterns, choosing which fabrics to use, shopping for them if they aren’t in my stash, getting it all organized and starting that first block!  Yes, finishing is very satisfying, but starting is better!  Maybe that’s why I have a long list of UFOs.

How about y’all?  Starting or finishing?  Which is better?

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6 thoughts on “Which is Better? Starting or Finishing?

  1. I like the designing phase best, but starting and finishing are both great, too. I don’t keep UFO’s hanging around for long. However, that being said, I do have my Annette Kennedy glued down and ready for moving to a sandwich and quilt/sewing it together. I am just not real thrilled with it. I was not real thrilled with the workshop, either, but I did learn from it. I am ready for retreat. I ordered a kit to work on there as I have not been able to get out of design phase to begin something. That takes me a while. 🙂

  2. I have a galloping case of startitis — so I vote for starting! There are so many ideas float in aground in my mind that I just have to start them!.
    Your applique quilt is going to be absolutely gorgeous and I love how well organized you are!

  3. Great finish on that top! You are so right, small counts! There is so much detail in that little beauty! New project fabric choices – what a grand variety – gonna be FUN! That red and white polka dot tote is calling my name!
    I can make it thru to the finish on one or two UFO’s, then have to take a break and run with something new!!!

  4. How can I choose…..it’s all sooooo fun especially when you learn something new, finish it and like it! But then also exciting to start something new again and even better if it’s appliqué!!! Yours will be beautiful! I envy your organization and that red polka dot box will be hard to ignore, so your hands will be busy stitching.

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