Has Spring Sprung?

It seems that maybe Spring is finally beginning to appear here in North Texas.  Out in the woods behind our house I found these tiny little flowers a few days ago:

crocusAnd now our daffodils are really blooming:

daffodilsSo nice to see these bright signs of Spring!  Everything else is still brown and gray but these are sure indications that Spring is on its way!

Another sign of Spring is the hand applique block I just finished up:

Block-1This is part of an Album Quilt pattern called Honoring Emma (by Lori Smith).  I’m using hand dyed fabrics, mostly Cherrywoods but also some of my own hand dyes.  The purple flowers remind me of the crocus out in the woods!

I’m still experimenting with my hand applique.  On this block I used the starch method to turn the edges.  The best online explanation I could find for this method is on Snippets of a Quilter’s blog.  I liked getting all the edges turned crisply and for the most part am happy with the curves and points (that may get better with practice).  However the fabric isn’t as soft when you stitch.  I guess I’m sort of a tactile person and want to feel soft supple fabric when I’m hand stitching.

So, after a rather rough Winter Spring has Sprung – here in the sewing room and out in the woods!  Hoping the same for you!

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4 thoughts on “Has Spring Sprung?

  1. That lovely purple flower is a crocus. Mine are still buried under snow! Thanks for posting photos of spring.

  2. That lovely little crocus and the daffodils are so nice to see. It will be quite some time before we see either as we’re still in the deep freeze of winter!
    Have you tried back-basting appliqué? I love it for appliqué. Fabric and thread are all you have to deal with — no starch, no freezer paper, no overlays.

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