Throwback Thursday Bee Day

Last Thursday we had our wonderful JSS Bee Day!  We have been talking for months about the crazy things we used to wear – jumpers, dungarees, bell bottoms, hot pants, mini skirts, hose, etc.  In honor of our fading memories and increasing waistlines, our hostess, the wonderful Sally Brown, proposed we all wear the oldest thing we had in the closet for Bee Day.  So we had a Throwback Thursday Bee Day!

Here Barb, Davene and Sally laugh over pictures of Sally way back when.  Sally, you look lovely in your … um, I’m not sure what to call that get up – watermelon romper?  And you can’t quite see, but Davene has an entire farm with complete with barnyard and animals on the front of her jumper.  Barb, I don’t know, but that’s a lot like outfits I wear now!


Here is Mona in a lovely maxi jumper, Suz in her dungarees and Madelyn with her “Peter Max” round glasses (remember those?) and a beautiful sweatshirt jacket she made herself. Mona,-Suz-and-MadelynHere is a close up of the back of Madelyn’s jacket – it has log cabin blocks!

Madelyn's-collarKaren is styling in her seer sucker pant suit!

KarenAnd LaNelle sported her purple crushed velvet mini – unfortunately no longer a size 2, she pinned it on:

LaNelleI’m thinking Pam and Dede didn’t get the memo about Throwback Thursday – they look normal.

Pam-and-DedeAnd our hostess with the mostest, Sally summed up the style show with this “beautiful” blinged up denim coat:Sally's-blinged-coat-frontYou must see the back:

Sally's-blinged-coat---backWow Sally!

Of course, no bee day is complete without a lot of wonderful food and some show and tell!  Judy started us off with several of her sister’s quilts:

Judy-with-her-sister's-show Judy-with-another-show-and- Judy-with-show-and-tell---sNow, I’m not sure where the sister’s quilts end and Judy’s quilts begin…  Judy showed the back of this quilt (her’s or her sister’s) and then the front:

Judy-with-yet-another-sisteJudy-with-the-frontThe quilting is amazing!  Judy wins the prize for the most show and tell!  She also showed us a cupcake quilt blocks she’s working on.  Pam had to get an up close look:

Judy-lays-out-cupcake-blockHere is your up close look at one of them:

Judy's-cupcake-closeupDavene showed us her Texas quilt – begun at retreat.  So pretty!

Davene-with-her-texas-quiltAnd Davene used the blocks created by an elderly relative (an Aunt?) so complete this quilt.  Apparently this lucky lady wants to see her quilt before she arrives at the Pearly Gates.

Davene-with-quilt-for-auntMona shows us a client’s quilt she recently completed quilting.  Nicely done!

Mona-shows-off-some-quiltinPatti has put her heart into several heart quilts recently!

Patty-with-Heart-QuiltI didn’t get a good picture of Pat’s baby quilt but I love the bright vibrant colors.  Pat asked us if we could find the mistake in the blocks – it took a while to find it and I bet the baby will never notice!

Pat's-baby-quiltBarb is working on hand stitching these Inklingo stars for a class at Quilter’s Dream.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

Barb-shows-her-inklingo-staI showed off an applique block – this is block 1 of a block of the month called Le Jardin by Bunny Hill Designs:

Block-1And last but not least, Gloria, Karen’s mom, showed us this wonderful rooster quilt:

Gloria's-chicken-quilt-withWhat a great bee day we had – Throwback Thursday styles, lots of yummy food (did I mention the carrot cake cupcakes?) and some truly wonderful, beautiful quilts.  I can’t wait till next month!

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