May Bee Day – Better Late Than Never

Last month JSS Bee Day was at Karen’s lake house up in Lake Kiowa.  I figure I better get last Bee Day pictures out to you before the next bee day rolls around this Thursday!  Sadly, I won’t make Bee Day this week due to grandmotherly duties down in Round Rock, so I’m counting on my fellow JSS Bloggers (Judy and Barb) for pictures of the first ever White Bee Day.

So… on with the show!  Shortly after our arrival and tour of Karen and Jim’s fabulous lake house we had a JSS photo shoot of the whole crowd.  Silly me, I told them all to make sure their face was in the camera… Davene took me literally:

DaveneDavene-close-upI love you, Davene!  And after we all finally stopped laughing we got a pretty good shot of the group:

JSS-Bee---Group-Shot-May-20Of course, we couldn’t be too serious for too long…

Hands-up!A few more fun individual shots.  My dear friends Lynda and Suz in their matching outfits:

Lynda-and-SuzAnd Judy taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture…

JudyThe yard and the lake are beautiful and the day was perfect, not too hot with a nice breeze.  We spent most of our time out on the porch enjoying our surroundings.  That’s where we had show and tell.  I think Suz was up first with her beautiful smile and her beautiful flying geese quilt.

Suz-with-her-Flying-GeeseMadelyn may get the overachiever award for May.  She had this pretty blue and brown quilt:

MadelynAnd she had this black and white and red all over quilt (I just made that name up, not sure what she called it – remember this was almost a month ago!)…

Madelyn's-2nd-show-and-tellAnd Madelyn also showed this cool little quilt:

Madelyn's-3rd-show-and-tellI’m not sure who is showing this adorable Airplanes quilt.  Can anybody identify the top of her head?  In the following picture of Lynn showing a quilt it looks like Karen is holding this quilt, but I don’t think that’s her head. Is it Dede?

mystery-show-and-tellAnyways, here is Lynn’s show and tell.  Such bright pretty colors and we are all so glad Lynn is feeling better!

Lynn's-show-and-tellWe love the back of this quilt as well!

Lynn's-show-and-tell-backLynda showed us a quilt that she began at retreat.  Love what you can do with charm packs!

Lynda's-show-and-tellDavene showing us her iron caddy with such a happy smile…

Davene's-iron-caddyDavene also showed us this precious pink wall hanging – perfect for a sewing studio!

Davene's-wall-hangingAnd finally, Davene sporting the Sew Red Glasses.  These super cool looking glasses allow you to distinguish light and dark colors!  We all had to pass them around and try them out.

Davene-with-Sew-Red-GlassesWhen I was selecting and editing the pictures for this blog, I called this LaNelle’s Awesome Creation.  It is simply stunning!

LaNelle's-awesome-creationAnd finally, Patty with her tree quilt – love the pattern and love all the greens!

Patty's-show-and-tellNow, if you feel like you’ve seen all this before (or some of this before) Judy blogged about the May bee day just a few short hours afterward.  If you haven’t seen those pictures yet, go check it out… May 2014 JSSer’s meet at Lake Kiowa.

Quick funny story … we carpooled up to the lake house.  Sally was our gracious driver, with Suz, Lynda H and Linda J and myself.  After we left the lake house, we drove up to the Kaleidoscope quilt shop in Whitesboro.  Well, Sally and I found the perfect quilt ladders.  I’d been looking for one for ages.  We each had to buy one.  Now, we are five in an SUV with two seven or eight foot tall ladders down the middle of the car driving all the way from Whitesboro to Colleyville.  Here is Sally in the front seat:

Sally-driving-with-quilt-laLinda J was the bravest and the most uncomfortable the middle of the back seat with her head up in the midst of ladder rungs…

Linda-and-Suz-with-quilt-laWe laughed the whole way home, what a fun outing!  And here is my beautiful quilt ladder:

quilt-ladder-at-homeHave a great week, y’all!

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5 thoughts on “May Bee Day – Better Late Than Never

  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all, well maybe except for the “ladder” ride back.
    Beautiful quilts. Where were you all?

  2. Looks like you all had a great time. I have had trips like that in
    order to bring home things that I wanted. The quilts are beautiful.

  3. Cookie,
    What a GREAT blog! I am SO laughing-out-loud! That ride home just topped off yet another JSS bee day and added yet another story to the JSS antics! Now if some of us will keep our wits-about-us and remember when the stories are told and retold! Hee Hee! I be the blonde behind the Planes quilt! This group is so-way-productive that when I review photos for a blog, I canNOT remember who did what. Sorry, I won’t duck out of the photo next time! And THANKS also for squeezing this May post in before the June meeting next week. I am REposting this right now!
    You will be missed in June.
    Hugs, Judy

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