JSS Christmas Bee Day – Part 1

Last week my wonderful bee, the best bee ever, had it’s Christmas Bee Day!  I took a bazillion pictures and I just can’t leave out any important parts so I’m just going to have to split this blog in two!  Today, I’ll show you food, fun, laughter and the infamous block exchange.  I will save all the fabulous show and tell pictures for another day!

We all descended on Dede’s house, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to party!  Dede was sporting her Christmas spirit!  Thank you for hosting!

DedeThere was an abundance of food!

FoodAnd a lot of visiting, hugging, chatting and eating!

visitingThanks to Judy, the block exchange bags were assembled and ready to go:

Sacks-full-of-blocksWe each tucked our blocks we’d been working on for months and months into the appropriate bags.  And eventually we all gathered in the living room for the big reveal:

visiting-2But there was still some serious visiting going on!


Mary-Ann,-Lani-and-MadelynI wonder what Cindy and Linda are talking about…

Cindy-and-LindaFirst up were our absentee recipients, LaLa and Barb.  Lani was our very special assistant, helping display the blocks as they were unwrapped (thanks Lani!).

Lani-AssistsHere are Barb’s black and white (with maybe a touch of red) blocks.

Barb's-black-and-white-blocBarb, welcome back from Alaska!

Lala asked for coffee mugs, aren’t they cute?

LaLa's-coffee-mugsHopefully, someone will mail these to you!

Then it was on to blocks for the JSS’ers present.  Judy distributed numbers and Sally was number one!  Of course!

SallySally asked for red and white blocks – any size divisible by 2.

Sally's-red-and-white-blockI can’t wait to see this quilt, Sally!

Peggy requested these 36 patch blocks made from Aunt Grace fabrics.  I’m sure she has a plan!

Peggy's-36-patch-aunt-gracePatti asked for lantern blocks.  Aren’t these gorgeous?  I can’t wait to see how they are set!

Patti's-Lantern-blocksCindy asked for only three blocks (that way she only has to make three blocks) but these sure are pretty!

Cindy's-pretty-starsLinda Jacobson wanted hearts and these are wonderful!

Linda's-heartsMary Ann, visiting from Minnesota (you have to say that with a Minnesota accent), requested framed 9-patch blocks.  There was some block exchange collaboration between Mary Ann, Sue H., Sue Gallo and Karen.  They all asked for basically the same block.  These will be used as setting blocks for a block of the month – I think that’s their plan.  Karen supplied the other blocks so you can see the effect.

Mary-Ann's-framed-9-patchesSue H’s framed 9 patches:

Sue-H-with-her-framed-9-patSue Gallo’s framed 9-patches:

Sue-Gallo-with-her-framed-9And, finally, Karen’s:

Karen-with-her-framed-9-patThey all look pretty fabulous!

After all the 9 patches, we paused for a little bit of a show and tell and then Lynda was ready to unwrap!

Lynda's-turnShe asked for Civil War blocks.  I love the pink scotty dog!

Lynda's-civil-war-blocksSuz was super happy with her three neutral blocks.  I understand there is a new table runner planned.

Suz-with-16-patch-neutralsI just love Nancy’s wonky bird houses!  I might want this pattern, Nancy!

Nancy's-pretty-bird-housesMy request was a broken sugar bowl block.  I supplied the neutral fabric and asked for Civil War fabrics in the block.  I am thrilled with the result!  Thank you, thank you!

My-broken-sugar-bowl-blocksNext up was Davene. Now, I’ve been hearing about this block all year! I was told I was very lucky not to have this block to make.  Davene had some explaining to do…

Davene-discusses-her-block-But look at all these wonderful creations!

Davene-with-her-blocksApparently they will be squared up into octagons and I’m sure will make a wonderful quilt!  Can’t wait to see it.

Last year, Lynn got the award for the most “challenging” block request.  So this year, she requested 9-patch blocks!  Doesn’t she look pretty with all those pretty blocks?

Lynn-with-her-blocksJudy was up to bat next with these very pretty stars!

Judy-with-her-pretty-starsKay requested place mat blocks!  How cool are these?  Way to think outside the (block) box, Kay!

Kay-with-her-placemat-blockLast, but not least was Madelyn’s bright and wonky log cabin blocks.

Madelyn-with-wonky-log-cabiI think the block exchange was a raging success and am looking forward to some beautiful quilts!

Stay tuned…  in the next day or so I will try to bring you “JSS Christmas Bee Day – Part 2.”


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7 thoughts on “JSS Christmas Bee Day – Part 1

  1. GREAT photography, Cookie! What a blast of a day we had and you captured so many wonderful smiles with all our creativity and challenges!
    Big Hugs!

  2. What fun for my own show and tell on the blocks – they are wonderful!! Sure do hope I get to see the finished quilts! Cookie, your pictures are super – even to connecting names to blocks! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!
    BTW, I have my fabics all collected for Grand Illusion! Will start soon —-

  3. Barbara, that was fabulous! I had the best time seeing everyone in those great pics plus all of those gorgeous blocks! Can’t wait for Part Two! Love to all! 🙂

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