The Best Christmas Present Ever & Grand Illusion Part 5

My dear hubby gave me the Best Christmas Present Ever!  I thought I was getting earrings (and I did get earrings, which I absolutely love) but he also found this Featherweight 221 at an estate sale:

FW-before-clean-upWhat a find!  I love it!  It came with a case and over 60 years worth of grime and dust bunnies.  I cleaned it up some for the picture above, but then took it to my friend Barb’s husband to give it a thorough cleaning and tuning.  Now it runs like the day it was born (April 20, 1948) – thanks Mark!

The case is in pretty good condition:

FW-CaseThe gold trim is too – here is the back:

FW-backI have a question – do you name your sewing machines?  I never have but I keep thinking of this machine as “Cutey Pie.”  Because it is so cute!

Even with all the wonderful Christmas activities (kids, grandkids, food, fun, earrings and featherweights), I have finished all of Parts 4 and 5 of Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion Mystery this week!

Here are all the part 4 blocks:

Part-4-finishedAnd part 5 was pretty easy peasy this week – 25 aqua/yellow 4 patches and 4 aqua/pink/black 4 patches.

Part-5Up on the design wall:

Part-5-on-the-wallBonnie is having a Monday Morning Link Up if you’d like to see the efforts of other Grand Illusionists.  Now I just need to catch up with parts 1, 2 and 3.  Yesterday afternoon I stitched a few of the Grand Illusion blocks from Part 1 with my new Cutey Pie:

Featherweight-cleaned-upI hope you got your Best Christmas Present Ever and I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

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11 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Present Ever & Grand Illusion Part 5

  1. So fun, Cookie and cheers for your hubby!!! I have my Mom’s and they are great little machine………….You will love your little Cutie Pie!

  2. Nice! I finished my Clue 5 yesterday so I am caught up. Jim and I are re-organizing my sewing room. It should be a bit easier to work with. I am watching the Cowboys while he works! Love it!

  3. Thanks Cookie and Happy New Year to you also. I always enjoy reading your posts and see what they involve. Another thank you. Love your ‘ Featherweight ‘ I think ‘cutie pie’ fits it. Enjoy!

  4. I have my grandma’s Featherweight and love it – so many wonderful memories built on that machine!!!
    Your GI is going great – you are inspiring a whole bunch of us in STJames NC!!!! We’re following along — keep it going —-

  5. CONGRATS!!! Your FW’s a beauty – wonderful condition & decals!! What a fabulous gift. I have 2 FWs & a 301A – loving the vintage machines. My 1957 FW is named ‘Dot’ after the lady’s name on her manual. My 301A is ‘Wendy’, after the friend who gifted her to my friend, who gifted her to me. And my 1949 FW, recently repainted, is called ‘Wild Cherry’, after the paint color I chose for her new finish. Your GIMQ units are looking great.

  6. So glad hubby was able to get your new Cutie Pie humming for you. I know you’ll have fun with her! And good job on Christmas gifts from your hubby. You are blessed!

  7. “Cutie Pie” is darling and your hubby is a keeper! I like that Cutie Pie kind of ties in with your love of baking…Cookies and Pie. Your GIMQ is looking wonderful.

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