Civil War BOW – Fun and Games with Y Seams

This week’s Civil War Block of the Week from Barbara Brackman’s blog is called Carolina Lily.  It is a beautiful block and a challenge with 3 Y seams.

The fabric I have been using on the Civil War Quilt project is from Neesha by Sentimental Studios for Moda.  For this week’s block I wanted to use some sort of yellow in the center as it is displayed in the blog.  I think it looks more like a real lily.  Unfortunately, there is no real yellow in the fabric line I’m using.  However, there are some flowery prints that have yellow lily-looking flowers, so I used that and fussy cut the flowers.

Before I began piecing the Y seams, I traced my stitch line on the back of the fabric.  I hoped this would keep me from messing up and ripping out a lot.  I have worked on quilt projects with Y seams in the past and they were awful!  But I’ve learned a lot and I hoped to get beyond the “awful” stage.

I would say the most important lesson I learned was stop stitching at the 1/4 inch mark where the Y meets. If you don’t, well, you’ll be ripping a bit out for sure.

Be sure to check out the Flickr group with all the creative Civil War blocks.  What a great bunch!

It is hot hot hot here in Texas!  If you are in a cool part of the world, send us some cool!  Have a great day!!!

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0 thoughts on “Civil War BOW – Fun and Games with Y Seams

  1. Go Barbara! I have some Jinny Beyer templates which have a hole to mark a dot where the 1/4″ lines meet…very nice. I think they came with the puzzle balls book! That is the most Y seams I have ever done…and probably will every do!

  2. Your block is beautiful and I love the way you did the blooms. My mother lives in Dallas so I understand about the horrible Texas heat. Just stay inside sewing and keep cool.

    Becky in VA

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