JSS Quilt Retreat – Walls and Wows!

Last week was retreat week for the JSS Bee (the best bee ever, just sayin’) at Compass Centre (the best quilt retreat facility ever, just sayin’).

I’ve been sorting through pictures and seriously, how many quilts can 28 women put up on the walls in 4 days?  Wow! I couldn’t keep up – every time I looked up from my sewing machine a new quilt appeared and another disappeared.  So, first off, I’d like to apologize if I missed photographing your quilt.  And, I’d also like to apologize if I mess up who did what quilt.  You know, this is actually a lot easier on Bee Day, when there is a maker pictured with her quilt.  You may fire me as a blogger after this!

Now, I wonder how many pictures I can put in this blog?  You may need to go make a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) while this pages loads!

First, let’s look at the quilts coming and going on the walls and a few of the finished products…

One of the first things to hit the wall was a Dear Jane block made by Barb.  The block was moved here and there on the walls but never made it into my camera!  Sorry Barb!  But here is another quilt finished (almost) by Barb:

Barb's-quiltBarb got a lot done during this retreat!  Really!  Here she is sewing – with a sewing machine!

Barb-sewingShe was working on the Bonnie Hunter 2013 Mystery!  Here is some of it up on the wall:Barb's-Bonnie-Hunter-2013-MBarb also made some major progress on this beautiful Inklingo project:

Barb's-inkilingo-blocksSuz had a wonderful layer cake to play with  – it had chickens, what can I say!

Suz's-quiltSuz was busy on the sewing machine too:

Suz-SewingShe finished up layer cake and moved on to a cute black and white jelly roll.  All about the pre-cuts!

Suz-shows-fun-blockJudy had this beautiful embroidered quilt up on the wall.  It was stitched by her mother and I believe it had recently been quilted (by Dawn?).

Judy's-mother's-embroideredA close-up of some the quilting and embroidery along with the original thread:

Judy's-closeupJudy was working on this very modern quilt.  The pleats were really cool; they are stitched in one direction on one side of the block and in the other direction on the other side; giving it a wavy look.  Very cool!

Judy's-modern-quiltConnie (yes, JSS West was represented) was busy working on Y seams on this quilt.

Connie-working-on-Y-seamsHere is the finished quilt; isn’t it wonderful!

Connie-finished-the-Y-seamsConnie worked on one of the most amazing quilts at the retreat.  This was a memory quilt of a tour she took of Israel.  Kind of a travelogue.  We were all enthralled with her story of the meaning and significance of each block.

Connie-tells-the-story-of-hHere is Connie with her finished quilt – I am totally in awe of Connie!

Connie's-finished-Israel-quHere is Jules’ quilt on the floor.  Isn’t it just simply stunning?  Love love love the fabric and the pattern.  Jules, is this Jenny Byer?

Jule's-quiltI worked on a couple of projects at retreat.  The first is called “A Little Bit of Help From My Friends” because it is made up of 4-patches I got from a 4-patch exchange with some of my best buds.

My-4-patch-quilt I also worked on elephants! This is from a pattern called Elephant Walk. These are lots of fun.

My-Elephants-2This pretty pastel appeared on the wall briefly.  I believe it belongs to Sandra LePori…  very pretty!

Sandra's QuiltI love Lynda’s basket quilt and I know the pattern is rather challenging in specifics but this is going to be a fabulous quilt when it’s finished.  Hang in there, Lynda!

Lynda's-Basket-QuiltSue H. was working on her hand applique (using the starch method) and working on her homework too!  Wow!

Sue-H-is-working-on-appliquShe’s got some beautiful blocks here:

Sue-H-appliqueKaren worked on this quilt below.  There is a focus block that looks like Guatemalan fabric art.  Surrounding that are smaller blocks made from clothing.  I know there were some short shorts leftover, which nobody seemed to want.  😉  What a challenge with all these different fabrics!

Karen's-not-t-shirt-quiltAnd, Karen finished her Halloween quilt.  This is so much fun!

Karen's-Halloween-quiltNow, there were 2 ladies working on the same pattern.  I believe this quilt is Jan’s but is it?  Or does it belong to someone else?  If you know, leave a comment!

Jan's QuiltMarianne made this lovely pink and green.  Love how the flowers seem to grow out of the block below.

who-is-a-mysteryHere is Sue G’s Bargello Quilt – this is simply beautiful.  Love the pattern, love the blue!

Who-blueValerie (a newby) worked mightily on this wedding quilt for a wedding in three weeks!  Yes, there is one block…  I believe alternative plans were made and this may be a first anniversary quilt instead.

Valerie's-wedding-quiltMadelyn worked very hard on all these tiny blocks for the Midnight at the Oasis quilt. Then Sally and Judy proceeded to rearrange them.  Oh…. that red and black block on the left – that is Barb’s Dear Jane block mentioned above (a long time ago…).

Sally-and-Judy-rearrange-MaSpeaking of Sally – while she spent much of her time machine quilting a beautiful applique, I never got a shot 🙁  but I did get a picture of her “It’s OK if you sit on my quilt” quilt… (is that the right name?).  Pinks and yellows speak the language of Sally.

Sally's-quiltThis is Sandy, yet another newby.  We had a bunch this retreat!  Sandy made this wonderful quilt…

Sandy-with-her-quiltAnd… this maze quilt (Sandy, I love this pattern!  What is it called?).

Sandy's MazeLynn’s applique block – all I can say is Wow!

Lynn's AppliqueLinda Bendure (another newby) worked on fans – wonderful Kaffe fans.  Suz and Judy arranged them while she slept.  I’m pretty sure this was not the way they ended up 😉 .

Linda-Bendure's-FansMy friend Lenelda (yes, another newby) made this flying geese quilt.  We had fun helping her with her wayward geese!

Lenelda's-Flying-Geese-QuilLani – oh my goodness, this is fabulous!  A New York City quilt.  Finished up in the last 20 seconds of the retreat – thrown on the wall and I got a picture!  Woohoo!

Lani's-finished-NY-QuiltPatti brought a wonderful project to work on at the JSS retreat.  A pattern and bundle of fabric from Sue O’Kelley’s stash. I know she got much further along in this soft and beautiful quilt, but I never got another picture…

Patti's-Sue-O-QuiltAnd speaking of Sue O’Kelly… Melissa (Compass Centre Owner Extraordinaire) has created a memory garden dedicated retreat regulars who have passed away.  Pretty stained glass tiles for each.

memory-gardenHere is Sue’s, touches of purple so appropriate… notice the inscription in the corner.


Another wow!

Show and Tell – We did have a wonderful show and tell of quilts that had not yet been displayed on the design.  The JSS West (LaLa and Connie) started us out:

Here is Connie with another of her travelogue quilts – from a trip to Ireland.

Connie-with-another-show-anConnie also with the gorgeous black and pink quilt.  Wow!

Connie's-show-and-tellLaLa (aka Linda Sampson) brought her Bali Wedding Star.  Beautiful!  I’m thinking Linda started this at the retreat that Jules lead a workshop on this pattern.

LaLa's-show-and-tellMadelyn proudly displayed her Bali Wedding Star started during Jules’ workshop.

Madelyn's-show-and-tellMadelyn also showed this little quilt made from our block exchange blocks:

Madelyn's-show-and-tell-froMarianne brought this to show and tell.  I think these are exchange blocks as well.

Marianne's-show-and-tellThis was a pretty show and tell!

Valerie's-red-and-whiteBut not a mystery – this is Valerie, a rather camera shy newby.

ValerieVicki showed us this nice big bag:

Vicki's-Show-and-TellAnd Linda Bendure topped that off with the biggest bag ever:

Linda-Bendure's-show-and-te   Judy brought these two pretty quilts.

Judy's-show-and-tellWhat a great retreat!  28 ladies, 6 of them newbies, dozens of quilts worked on, lots of  laughter and sharing, taking walks with Rex the dog, wonderful lunches and dinners, oh, and don’t forget the cookies!

The-Big-O-CookieUntil next time, take care, y’all!










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7 thoughts on “JSS Quilt Retreat – Walls and Wows!

  1. Oh, thank you for the show, Cookie!!!! Everything looks wonderful and inspiring — the colors are fabulous — and that cookie at the end — YUM – feast for the eyes!

  2. GREAT blog, Cookie! Thanks SO much for the return to retreat! Yes, the beautiful quilting on Judy’s Mom’s tablecloth is done by the talented Dawn Smith!!!
    Cookie, you photographed SO well – that was a ton of action at one retreat!
    And of course we all are SO GRATEFUL to Melissa and her sensitive, sensational staff for taking such good care of us at The Compass Centre!

  3. Thanks for the posting Cookie! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all and it was certainly productive ! Missed being there but so good to see all the pictures of quilts and all who were there. Great job!!!

  4. Thanks Cookie, for such a fabulous glimpse into your retreat. Such fun to see all the different types of quilts. Just such fun.

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