May Bee Day – A Day at the Lake House

Bee Day in May was at Karen’s lake house! Thank you Karen and hubby Jim!  It was a wonderful, beautiful day after many stormy, rainy days and nights.

When I arrived everyone was gathered around the table chowing down Cinnamon Cream Cheese Squares for breakfast. What would bee day be without cream cheese for breakfast!

gathering-around-the-tableKaren, Sue and Peggy were chatting in the kitchen.

Karen,-Sue-and-PeggyAnd the lake was perfect!

Lake-before-risingAfter breakfast … boat ride!  Here are some of us on the boat

On-the-boatAnd here are some not on the boat:

Not-on-the-boatNotice the dry dock they are standing on.  As we cruised around Lake Kiowa, the water started rising from the heavy rains the night before.  Notice the crane and the furniture are in the water at a nearby dock.

craneWhen we got back to the Thompson’s dock the water was noticeably higher.  The dock was eventually underwater:

Lake-risingWhile we were boating, the land lovers started eating lunch!  We were famished by the time we got back.  We had a bunch of scrumptious foods – there were lots and lots of desserts!

desertA little time for stitching and chatting and laughing and maybe a tear or two.  Then Show and Tell!

I started it off with this quilt top made from four patches exchanged with friends – lets call it “With a Little Help from My Friends:”

My-show-and-tellPeggy showed us this simply gorgeous applique:

Peggy's-beautiful-applique Karen used her block exchange blocks to create this wonderful quilt:

Karen's-show-and-tellJudy brought this lovely log cabin:

Judy's-log-cabinMadelyn had lots and lots of fun blocks to show:

Madelyn's-blocksAnd more…

More-of-Madelyn's-blocksBarb had her finished (yes – finished, completely finished) handkerchief quilt:

Barb's-finished-handkerchieAlso, Barb and Sally showed their simply stunning Inklingo projects:

Barb-and-Sally-with-InklingJim had a show and tell of his own – here he is attempting to hide it behind his back:

Jim-tries-to-hide-his-show-Here it is!  Yard Art!

Jim's-yard-art-show-and-telAnd here is the Yard Art out in the yard – pretty cool, huh?

yard-art-in-the-yardSo a lovely day at the lake, the most awesome boat ride, lots of delicious food, love, laughter and some pretty amazing quilting going on!  That’s a Bee Day for the memory books!

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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7 thoughts on “May Bee Day – A Day at the Lake House

  1. Oh what fun!! Thanks for sharing — wonderful, beautiful quitls plus yard art! I LOVE the yard art, Jim!!!!
    It’s great to see sunny days there — I’ve been concerned! Keep on sending these posts, Cookie!

  2. Thanks for sharing! What fun!! Sure do miss you guys.
    Great pics of quilts. So proud of you Barb!!! And you quilt is lovely.

  3. Great job, Cookie. That was the best design on your posting that I have seen, so far. Loved all the quiltings and boatings, and foodings. LOL

  4. What did we do before blogs?? Viewing this was wonderful. I could feel the joy and fun. Saw the beautiful quilts. Shared in the excitement. I loved Jims yard art–gorgeous. Such a talented couple!! Thank you Cookie for these postings.

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