Eeeek! A Snake!

Oh, we had some excitement last night!  Went out to check on the garden and Rascal, our Jack Russell terrier, was jumping, leaping, pawing, barking and generally getting hysterical around the little shed we have next to the garden.  Have you ever met a Jack Russell?  They are crazy, cute dogs, but can go a bit overboard in the histrionics.

Next to this little shed we have some bricks, bags of dirt, flower pots and general garden stuff.  Well, Rascal is going nuts all around the stuff!  So David, my dear brave husband, pulls a few flower pots aside and there it was:

Bad SnakeIt was the biggest Copperhead snake ever!  I quickly got the dogs in the house (thanks to Pupperoni’s!).  Then we had to decide what to do.  Honestly, there wasn’t much debate.  This little vegetable garden is frequented by our precious grandchildren! I do NOT want this bad snake lurking in the strawberries when sweet precious Maggie wants to pick one!  After we verified it really was a Copperhead (one of the three venomous snakes in Texas) David, uh, took care of it.  The snake is no longer.

Let me tell you though – the next time a grandchild heads for the garden, I’m throwing Rascal into the midst of the strawberry patch. He’ll let us know if it’s safe or not.

Now we just need to convince Rascal that the snake, which was tossed into the woods, is really no longer a threat…


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3 thoughts on “Eeeek! A Snake!

  1. Very scarey! I live in Brenham and the copperheads have been terrible this year. A friend of mine was watering last Thursday and got bit! Thank goodness for your dog!

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