A Visit to the Farmer’s Market

One day last week we went to the Parker County Farmer’s Market.

Yes, it was hot, but Parker County Peaches are world famous!  They are at their best in July, but, heck, I was just a bit busy in July, with vacations and retirement parties, etc.  So we went to see if they were still available last week.

Stormy was quick to assure us that the peaches were still available, as well as some other goodies.  She was very nice, considering it was 103° and I was snapping pictures of her:

We bought 1/2 bushel of delicious peaches:

Here’s a close up:


We also got some squash (since our garden produced inedible mystery squash I have previously written about) and a handful of jalapenos:

I didn’t get any red peppers, but just couldn’t resist showing you what a pretty sight they made:

Since last week I’ve made 16 jars of peach jam and we’ve eaten probably a couple of dozen peaches by themselves, on ice cream, and on cereal.  I keep wanting to make Peach Cobbler but haven’t gotten around to it.  There are a LOT of peaches in a 1/2 bushel!!!  But so worth it!

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0 thoughts on “A Visit to the Farmer’s Market

  1. Those peaches look lovely. Not that I’m a fan of peaches anymore. When I was a kid we had a house for a few years with five peach trees. One year there was a very big peach boom. Mum was able to make us eough peach jam an tinned peach slices to last a veeeerrrrry long time. Yes, apparently it is possible to have too many peaches 🙂

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