Hot Night at the Ballpark

Last night we went to a Cats baseball game with grandchildren Maggie and Oscar (oh, and their parents too :-)).  The Cats are a minor league team in Fort Worth.  The tickets are affordable and it is always lots of family fun.

It was very hot – the car thermometer read 106° on the way to the game.  But we didn’t wither until about the 5th inning.  It was fun and the grandkids had a great time.  Maggie learned what to do during the National Anthem:

Oscar and his dad waited for the game to start:

Once under way, I got to play with my new camera.  The Cats up at bat – how’s that for an action shot?

The El Paso Diablos up at bat a few innings later:

LaGrave field has a Kincaid’s Hamburger concession – one of the best hamburgers in Fort Worth.  Here Maggie waits for her hamburger:

I think Oscar wanted one too!  Sorry, “O” you’ll need a few more teeth first!

After about the 5th inning the Cat’s were well in the lead and the kids were starting to wilt (and the grandparents too!).  It was time to go home.  On the way home, the thermometer in the car was all the way down to 102°!  And the Cat’s ended up winning 12 to 3!

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