Farmer’s Wife Fun and Fabulous Five

I have had the best time with the Farmer’s Wife quilt along blocks this week.  Friday afternoon I worked on three blocks and completed one on Saturday and one Sunday.  I paper pieced using the foundation patterns that can be found on the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Yahoo Group site.

There are two tools that I use when I paper piece that are invaluable:

  • Add-a-Quarter ruler – allows you to use your rotary cutter to trim excess fabric and gives you a straight line to line up your next piece of fabric.
  • Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper – print your pattern right on this paper, stitch and then tear it away easily.  A thousand times better than regular printer paper!

The Flickr group is on week 15, this is my week 6 and I should catch up within the next week or so.  The goal is 2 blocks a week from The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book (by Laurie Aaron Hird).  This week I made 5 blocks – FW 22 through 26:

I love picking the fabrics for each block, trying a variety of Aunt Grace fabrics as well as fabric from my stash.  I am also working on the Civil War Quilt block of the week using Neesha by Sentimental Studios – the fabrics are gorgeous and more earthy than the Aunt Grace fabrics.  It is fun to have the fresh look of these 1930’s reproduction prints.  I will have two very different quilts when both of these projects are complete!

Here is a look at each one:

FW 22 - Corn & Beans

With Corn and Beans I tried to select greens and yellows that reminded me of corn and beans.  I was a little intimidated by all the little triangles but it all worked out with paper piecing.

FW 23 - Country Farm

I love the two light pinks in Country Farm but the rose fabric in the center is not one of my favorites – not sure why I bought it!  What was I thinking?  Have you ever bought ugly fabric?  Have you used it?

FW 24 - Country Path

There is a major boo boo in Country Path.  Can you spot it?  OK, the green triangles are supposed to point to green squares and the brown triangles are supposed to point to brown squares.  I blame mis-lableling the colors I planned on using on the foundation paper.  Maybe I should try labeling the back side? Overall I still like the block. It may be a do over but we’ll see.

FW 25 - Cups & Saucers

The blue fabric in Cups & Saucers reminds me of blue and white Spode china.  One of my favorites this week!

FW 26 - Cut Glass Dish

There are 51 pieces of fabric in this 6″ block! And I thought Corn & Beans was intimidating!  It took me all afternoon yesterday.  I do like how it turned out though.

I am done with the blocks that start with “C.”  On to the D’s in the coming week!

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2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife Fun and Fabulous Five

  1. I’m just starting to paper piece and your recommendations are wonderful. I just ordered the ruler in both sizes and a pack of the paper. Thanks!

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