Mystery Quilt

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had my eye on a new project.  It is Carol Doak’s Twisting Mystery Quilt project available through the Carol Doak Yahoo Group. This is a paper piecing project and all the instructions and patterns will be provided on the Yahoo group.

In 2009 Carol did an Anniversary mystery quilt.  I had a lot of fun as each part of the mystery was revealed and was really happy with the result.  I gave it to my dear DIL as a birthday gift – I hope she likes it. 🙂  Here is my Anniversary Quilt:

For the new Mystery Quilt Carol has provided a file on the Yahoo Group web site with a general idea of how much fabric to buy of different of colors – warm colors, cool colors, etc.  She also has a cutting list so before the first patterns are revealed you can get your fabric ready to go. You have to join the Carol Doak’s Yahoo Group to be able to access the file, but that’s not hard to do.  As the project continues, the next steps will be available on the web site.  The discussion group is also awesome for help, tidbits and encouragement.

Here’s my fabric:

I went for Batiks for this project and had a happy shopping spree at Berry Patch Fabrics in Fort Worth.  I was lucky enough to have a Groupon (which was a retirement gift from my sweet friends Janet and Laurie – thanks y’all!) so my total cost was $1.31!  I think Groupons are GREAT!

So that’s the new Mystery Quilt project.  I’ll keep you posted as we progress and I hope you’ll check out the Yahoo group if you are interested in joining me!

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