Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along – Adding to the Pile

The Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along is up to week 17. This project is inspired by the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along Group on Flickr.  The challenge is to make 2 blocks a week from The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book (by Laurie Aaron Hird).  With that goal, the particpants should have about 34 blocks completed.  I started late so I have been trying to catch up and this week I finally have!  I’m a methodical person, so I’ve been making the blocks in the order they are presented in the book – so here are blocks 32, 33 and 34:

Farmer's Wife 32 through 34

You might notice they are displayed on the wood pile.  Well, dear hubby (the “Farmer”) took down a couple of dead trees the other day and added to the wood pile.  Since I’ve added to my pile of completed blocks this seemed appropriate.

Of course, our Jack Russell Terrier, Rascal, had to supervise (I think he’s getting sleepy…):

Here are some close-ups of the blocks for my pile:

FW 32 Farmer's Daughter

The fabrics I’m using for this project are primarily Aunt Grace with some from my stash.  With Farmer’s Daughter I wanted to use soft feminine fabrics including a pink gingham from my stash.

FW 33 Farmer's Puzzle

I think a farmer’s biggest puzzle would be getting things to grow under harsh conditions.  That is why I used the green and brown fabrics for my Farmer’s Puzzle.

FW 34 Flock

Must be a Flock of blue birds!

Hey, we’ve got the Trinity Valley Quilt Show coming up this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)!  If you are anywhere nearby, be sure to come check it out!  If you are not nearby, you’ll be seeing pictures from the quilt show posted here next week.  Stay tuned!

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