When I was growing up my brothers and I would always say Rabbits on the first of every month.  It was supposed to bring you good luck.  So every month I try to remember to say Rabbits.  I remembered this morning.

My dear hubby seems to think this is a little crazy but a relatively harmless habit (a rabbit habit :-)).  So, I got to thinking – doesn’t everybody say Rabbits on the first of the month?  Am I little crazy?  So I Googled it.  I’m not crazy!  Saying Rabbits is even documented in Wikipedia.  It does look like some people say it more than once though.

We do have rabbits a plenty in the backyard and in the woods.  Big fat cotton tails who are undoubtedly attracted to the garden.  Every time the dogs chase after them, I hold my breath and pray they make it through the fence.  So far – they are all very lucky rabbits.  Ah, maybe they say Rabbits on the first too!

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