Mystery Quilt – Clue #2

The second clue for Carol Doak’s Twisting Mystery Quilt was posted Friday on the Carol Doak Yahoo Group but I was busy as a bee this weekend so finally had some time this afternoon to work on it.

These pieces are the same as clue 1 but we were instructed not to sew them together as we did with clue 1.  This time I worked it like an assembly line doing all the position 1’s and 2’s for all four blocks and then adding all the 3’s, 4’s, etc.  It went very quickly and here they are:

I was absolutely thrilled to see that my photo of Clue 1 has been added by Carol to the front page of the Carol Doak Quilting Yahoo Group!  How cool is that!  I am so honored I to take a screen shot to show you:

Now, I’m off the catch up on other stuff (groceries, laundry and, of course, quilting projects).  I have lots of pictures of the Trinity Valley Quilt Show to share – hopefully tomorrow!

Have a great week y’all!

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