Twisting Mystery Quilt – Clues 5 and 6

Just about the time I finished sewing the Clue 5 blocks for Carol Doak’s Twisting Mystery Quilt, Clue 6 was released! So I worked on Clue 6 this afternoon while the grandkids were napping (Friday seems to be babysitting day :-)).

Here are the Clue 5 blocks:

And here are my Clue 6 blocks:

Now we seem to have all the pieces of the Twisting Mystery Quilt.  All that remains is the last clue(s?) that will tell us how to put them together.  Of course, half the fun is trying to figure it out for ourselves!  Right now, I have the blocks spread all over my dining room table – kind of like a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the front of the box!

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