Twisting Mystery in Mt Calm

I am on a quilt retreat at the Compass Center in Mt Calm, Texas – yeah!  This is an absolutely awesome place.  Just beautiful country side, cows mooing, with a nice fog this morning.

Mt Calm in the fog

The Compass Centre has a great setup for quilters, lots of space, light, yummy food and comfortable beds.  What more could you ask for?

While I brought lots and lots of projects to work on, the first on the list to complete was the Carol Doak Twisting Mystery Quilt.

I put the whole thing together and realized I had misplaced a couple of the red and black blocks – aarrgghh!!!  Rip, rip rip and I finally got it right.  Here is my Twisting Mystery Quilt:

Twisting Mystery Quilt

I want to thank Carol Doak for sharing this fun project on her Yahoo group.  If you are interested in her Mystery Quilt – even though it is no longer a mystery – check out the Yahoo group.  I’m sure the files will be available for quite awhile.

Off to the next project on my list!


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9 thoughts on “Twisting Mystery in Mt Calm

    • i just left the Compass Center early Thursday Morning, from 4 wonderful days there with another online group. Get a wide picture of the room for the followers of your blog, I didnt and I cant describe to anyone not quilting how nice that room is. thanks

  1. Very cool! Looks like you did a great job with all those points! Can’t believe how productive you are being! Enjoy the retreat.

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  3. I’m so thankful that I found the Twisting Mystery Quilt on your blog. I picked up a ziplock bag filled with the unfinished project pieces at a rummage sale. Thanks to your picture, I can finish the quilt!

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