Houston, We Have … Amazing Quilts!

What an amazing day at the Houston International Quilt Festival!  I’m so glad we have two whole days – it would be impossible to do justice to all the show quilts and hit the vendors too in less than two days. I’d like to share some of the big award-winning quilts with you tonight.

The Best of Show is called “Harmony Within” by Sue McCarty of Roy, Utah:

 The quilt is stunning!  Here is a close-up of the fisherman in the lower left, notice in the picture above that his line has caught the tail of the dragon.

The quilt below is the winner of the Founders Award – “Flourish on the Vine” by Kathy Wylie of Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Here is a closer look at some of exquisite applique:

The following quilt was nearly impossible to photograph because there were so many people crowded around oohing and ahhing.  This is the winner of the World of Beauty Award – called “The Loading Dock” by Mary Buva from Greenwood, Indiana.

I managed to shoulder my way in to get you a close-up:

Such a cute quilt!

Of course, I did spend some time in the vendor area.  Dear hubby has a a little bit of sticker shock but is such a sweetie to carry my camera and all my purchases around all day!  I’m one lucky gal!

As the sign says – We’re having a GREAT time at the International Quilt Festival!

Have a great weekend, y’all!



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