More Winners and Favorites from Houston

We certainly had a wonderful time in Houston at the International Quilt Festival!  So many quilts; so many vendors! I wanted to share some more winning and favorite quilts while the event is still fresh in my mind.  Some quilts were marked with a “no photography” sign but there were still many that were OK to photograph!

This first quilt was actually marked with a “no photography” sign but the quilt artist was there with her family and with her permission photographs were allowed.  The quilt is called America’s Flowers by Kathleen Holland McCrady of Austin, Texas.

The following quilt is called Dixie Dingo Dreaming.  It was created by Susan E. Carlson from Harpswell, Maine.

Such a unique and interesting quilt.  Here is a close-up of Dixie, don’t you just love the use of color!

Here is a quilt I fell in love with!  It is called Willow by Gayle Shelton of Bridgeport, Texas.  This is part of the Hoffman Challenge and won a Curator’s Choice Applique award.

Isn’t it just gorgeous!  Here is a closer look:

I got a real kick out of the following quilt!  Called B.S. I Love You, it was created by Janet Stone from Overland Park, Kansas.

The Robert S. Cohan Master Award for Traditional Artistry went to this quilt called Bouquet.  It was created by Keiko Morihiro from Japan.

The applique in this quilt was stunning!  Here’s a closer look:

And finally, from one of my favorite artists, Sharon Schamber (Payson, Arizona), is her quilt Crimson Promises.  This rich and beautiful quilt won the Maywood Studio Master Award for Innovative Artistry.  Sharon was answering questions about the quilt while I was photographing it.

She showed the back so we could see her exquisite quilting:Here is a close-up of the center of the front:

Sharon Schamber spoke at a Trinity Valley Quilter’s Guild meeting a couple of months ago.  Her talent is amazing and her willingness to share is incredible.  While I was shopping with the vendors I stopped by her booth and asked her a few questions about free motion quilting.  She sat me down at her sewing machine and gave me some pointers.

I can’t wait to go home and practice!  Thanks Sharon!!!

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5 thoughts on “More Winners and Favorites from Houston

  1. Wow, thank you for posting these beautiful pictures, the quilts are amazing! Any tips you want to share that you learned from Sharon? What a wonderful opportunity – I’m from Idaho – I wonder if we will ever have one of the shows anywhere near me….?

  2. Hi, So enjoyed your treetrunk sculptures. I recently discovered sharon schambers and am using her methods of spray starch and glue to make my grandmother’s fan quilt. Did you get to try those halos? I had thought about making them but hate to buy something which will just take up space. Enjoy all your blocks in the civil war group.

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