My Favorite Design Wall

I love my quilt room – my studio!  I really do! When we bought the house, the builder called this room the “Bonus Room.”  It is upstairs and I have lots of space to spread out.  I only lack a large wall to use for a Design Wall.  Being an upstairs room, the ceiling slopes down leaving little wall space.  I tried a large insulation board covered with flannel, but it didn’t work well and I had no place to put it when I wasn’t using it.  Then I found Cheryl Ann’s Design Wall.  It works great!

I got the large 72″ size and I’m glad I did.  You can put it together quickly, take it apart even faster and store it in it’s own little bag.  Here is the back:

I’ve been using it today to “play” with my Civil War Blocks:

With 6 weeks to go in Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Block of the Week project, I’m getting anxious to put them together.  It was easy to rearrange on the design wall – here they are “on point:”

I think I like that better, but with 6 more blocks, I’m sure I’ll be rearranging a lot, deciding on sashing and maybe corner stones.

Cheryl Ann and her husband had a vendor booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival.  I stopped by to tell them how much I love their product and got a picture with Cheryl Ann’s husband:

Check out Cheryl Ann’s website – they even had a video on how to assemble the design wall.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Design Wall

  1. I’m thinking the like the blocks on point as well. Your design wall looks really handy. I’ve got the foam core board covered in flannel type and it’s so bulky and hard to handle, but I’m glad I have one this big now for my larger projects.

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