Civil War BOW – Dixie Tea (aka Maple Leaf) Block

This week Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Block of the Week is Dixie Tea.  I’ve have always known it as the Maple Leaf block.  I made a Maple Leaf quilt for my Dad years ago.  I hand quilted it which took many many months (if not years).  It covered the pool table we had at the time when I wasn’t working on it.  This is the only picture I have of it

Dad's Maple Leaf Quilt

This week Barbara Brackman’s blog covers the history of using alternatives to coffee and tea during the Civil War – interesting stuff!  Be sure to check it out.

Here is my Dixie Tea block done in Fall colors:

The woods behind our house are ablaze with red and yellow leaves which are rapidly falling to the ground!  Beautiful season with much to be thankful for!

One of my blessings this week is that I was a lucky winner of one of the door prizes at my guild meeting yesterday!  Look at what I won!!!

What a gorgeous bundle of fat quarters:

I hope you have a wonderful Fall weekend!  We are off to a TCU Football game and plan on canoeing tomorrow afternoon if the weather holds!

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3 thoughts on “Civil War BOW – Dixie Tea (aka Maple Leaf) Block

  1. Love your CW block… and esp love your maple leaf quilt… it’s beautiful!

    I know what you mean about the maple leaf block… doesn’t resemble a sassafras leaf at all… but whatever! *lol*

    I think it actually looks more like a tulip poplar leaf… *grin*

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